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Their winter of discontent is coming very soon.  With the Syrian Army forward deployments now only 3kms away from Tabqa Air Base, the ISIS cannibals have to ponder their economic future in both Syria and Iraq.  Once the Tabqa base is securely in the hands of the Syrian military, all routes to lucrative Turk markets will be cut off.  The use of tanker trucks is essential to delivering the goods.  There is no effective way to transport the petroleum product by pipeline since that would require a burdensome financial outlay, not to mention the difficulty of keeping such high value targets safe from both sabotage and aerial assault.  Trucks mean simplicity and effectiveness.

Syrian tactics all point to a “choke” strategy.  Once it became clear that Ankara’s Erdoghan was complicit in the absorption of Syrian and Iraqi oil into oil-starved Turkey and that Erdoghan’s hunger for wealth was not merely limited to pillaging Aleppo’s vast industrial facilities, the strategy of confronting ISIS on the battlefield switched to slow strangulation in the financial sector.  Look carefully at the map and note the areas ISIS had to use in order to deliver its profitable loads of oil to Erdoghan’s black marketeers or the hundreds of Syrian enablers who took a commission off the top for their efforts.  Note the advances of the Syrian Army to the Jiraah Air Base through the Maskana Plains effectively turning off the spigot fully and finally.


ISIS mercenaries were induced to travel to Syria by recruiters most of whom worked for Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Department or the Awqaaf.  The ability to recruit rodents for ISIS or Alqaeda, for that matter, was in place well before March 2011.  It was a bragging point for the Saudis when plotting the overthrow of the government in Damascus that Riyaadh had a proven capability to send vast numbers of riff-raff to fight with the “Support Front” (i.e. Nusra/Alqaeda) or with the Islamic State (just as they were able to do during the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan).  It was a resource upon which Robert Ford relied when he sat down with the toxic ape, Bandar bin Sultaan, to implement the plan that was hatched in 2007 to target Syria’s Dr. Assad.  Contacts with Syrian Army officers like Riyaadh Al-As’ad, Ibraaheem Al-Shaykh and Saleem Idrees seemed to be a great start but for the fact the numbers could never amount to a sufficient force to dislodge the leader of the country.   Intense efforts by these traitors to induce more desertions by Sunni officers and enlisted men met with miserable failure and the “rebels” found themselves at the cusp of pure extermination. When it all went wrong, Ford insisted that the Arabians use their connections to bolster the failing insurrection against the Syrian people initiated by a trickle of army defectors who were not able to get their “revolution” off the ground.  This came in the shape of “Nusra” (Assistance).

But as we wrote extensively in previous essays, ISIS, a movement slated to focus on Iraq’s Shi’is,  went its own way defying the strict rules set down by its Saudi financiers.  In doing so it became a threat to other groups, like Alqaeda – which was heavily indebted to Saudi Arabia – and actually threatened the structure of the entire network set up by the Saudis and their American allies.  It was not surprising to SyrPer that when ISIS engaged in a war over territory with other terrorist groups in Syria, like Nusra, Ahraar Al-Shaam, Jaysh Al-Islam and Jund Al-Sham, that certain suspect individuals began to spread a rumor that the Syrian government was allied with ISIS.  All this sort of defamation was going on while the Syrian Army was fighting an existential war with ISIS in eastern Homs where the takfiri group had set up a brisk trade in-oil-for dollars with Turkey.  Now that the SAA and its allies are approaching the frontiers of Al-Raqqa City, those sentinels of falsehoods and slander have gone silent.  (Note: the death of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi has also silenced the cackling liars).

Recent reports in the reliable eastern media confirm that there is an organized plan in place to extract the families of the ISIS jackals and repatriate them to either their homelands or, most probably, to areas ISIS believes it can hold indefinitely, like Mosul or parts of southern Turkey – or Libya.  All this means is that there are sober, organized minds amidst the rabble who realize that this poor excuse for a Xanadu is about to go the way of Ozymandias, (if you don’t mind mixed metaphors and conflation of Coleridge and Shelley).  Whole caravans of rodent families have been filmed escaping certain death as they make their way to the dubious security of their Alamo in northern Iraq, or even,  Al-Raqqa.

We have it on the authority of 3 individuals who worked in the Saudi kingdom recently and who narrate a tale of woe and breast-beating in Riyaadh essentially stating that the Saudi apes would like very much to revitalize their ISIS cousins, but, for 2 discomforting facts:  1. The Saudis are nearly broke, having squandered their wealth on other similar campaigns of nihilism, and 2.  a fear their open policies of support for ISIS would further degrade relations with the U.S.

As ISIS continues to contract, its rank-and-file, the minions whose lives are necessarily wasted on ridiculous promises of Paradise, are beginning to wonder how it is that Allah is on their side while they are losing every battle.  With the Iraqi Army at the threshold of conquering Fallooja, the Syrian Army turning off the oil spigot, the death of the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo, the difficulty in obtaining new weapons systems and the unrelenting conflicts with fellow nihilists, ISIS is starting to shrivel.  Their project, has started unraveling and the children they dragged over into their imagined Islamic Utopia are wailing.


LATAKIA:  Here are the areas just liberated from Alqaeda by the Syrian Army and announced by the government:



Sheer Al-Nimr, Al-Nimr, Burj Al-Hayaat, Nawwaara and Nawwaara Hill, Al-Hayaat, ‘Ayn ‘Issa, Al-Shahroora, Mastah Hill, Abu ‘Ali Mountain, Al-Ruwaysa


Close to 35 terrorists killed with many wounded as reported by the Ba’ath Party.


NOTE:  The Western Press is reporting the existence of 51 low level “diplomats” at the State Department who have signed a memorandum urging Obama to strike at President Assad’s military.  What a joke!  Are they planning to go over there and fight themselves?  It’s another Robert Ford extravaganza supported by the Khazar Enclave of Apartheid.

NOTE: I won’t be posting until Sunday.  I’m taking a trip.  Also, don’t see the movie “The Lobster”.  Read my review first.



Dimitri Porfyris sends this French article about the collapse of the Turkmen militias:

Kevin Hester sends this chilling picture of Hillary Clinton as mass murderer and Zionist-puppet:

Brandon discusses the new chemical weapons attack by Jaysh Al-Islam:

Kevin Hester sends this memorandum from the wonderful Tulsi Gabbard:




Egyptian cockroach in a before and after. He was stamped out in Aleppo.  Our condolences to his rat parents.  (Thanks, Khaled) 


This is “Ammaar Al-Khaalid”, a field commander for Alqaeda just before he was sent straight to Hell.  



And here is Mr. Al-Khaalid experiencing his own descent into the fiery reaches of Hell itself.  Gee, he looks so peaceful.



And here’s Abu Yahyaa, another Nusra/Alqaeda ape who was sent on the red-eye flight to Hades in Aleppo courtesy of the SAA.


Ahraar Al-Shaam’s tunnel rat, King of Tunnels, seen here discussing how rats move through mazes in the real world.


And here he is after taking his own tunnel straight to Hell from Aleppo. (Thanks, Khaled)


Syrian and Russian Special Forces take a moment to memorialize their commitment to a rat-free Syria. They are at the Turk border in Latakia. (Thanks, Khaled)


JOKE OF THE DAY.  This one was told to me by my wife, Aida, after she received it on Facebook:


An Iraqi, known for his drunken habits, was asked by a reporter:

Reporter:  How is Ramadhaan going for you?

Drunk:  I wish it was more like the World Cup.  That, you know, it was only every 4 years.  And, now that I think of it, there are no Iraqi teams in the World Cup.




  1. Thanks for the update and have a safe trip Ziad

    • The saa has lost all of the gains in Latakia, in as little as few hours. All the nonsense, bullshit reports by Syrian tabloid media have all been nullified, quickly and efficiently, in as little as 4 hours. Personally, I believe that media reports were the main driver behind the effective and no-nonsense counter attack by Turks, who must have been enraged and embarrassed by these over-the-top reports. As if they have no comprehension of deceiving the enemy, and the results show.

    • russia calls for another ceasefire? when will these idiots ever learn? if this is how russia fights terrorism they are themselves doomed

      • Russia has shown that they are idiots with illusion as guiding prninciple.
        Putin was at cusp of win in debles in Donbass in Feb 2015 and he frittered away that chance.
        Russian side was at cusp of win in February 2016 and traitor lavorv stoppedthat. It means Russia has herself to blame for pathetic grovelling to her enemies.
        Russia could have been a super power again but xhose to be a mouse.and traitor to allies.

        • Nah; I doubt they are idiots. With continuous episodes like the one in n. Latakia yesterday, Russians realize saa cannot liberate all of Syria. Russia cannot very well start a whole scale war against everyone in Syria. It is trying to force a political settlement via use of limited air power. So, get it through your head, Russia WILL NOT support any such endeavors as is `Liberating every inch of Syria`.

          On the other hand, Iran has been completely and systematically defeated in S. Aleppo. There is mass panic creeping in and many believe Aleppo will be taken by jihadists after they take Hader.

      • @ David – Is Russia offering yet another ceasefire? So disappointing.

  2. Getting the liberal sheeple ready for conflict. Remember, the weaker the “moderate ” opposition gets the closer we are to US intervention. August is approaching.

    ” U.S. Diplomats Rebuke Obama On Syria And Call For Strikes On Assad ”

    • Mieszko 1, please see my post below on this. You are quite correct!!! This isn’t looking good!!!

      • Lavrov, I don’t know what happen with Kerry, he was fine this morning, might be the time of the month, don’t know….. I will get back with you guy latter on

  3. Thanks Ziad and all the best
    to you and your family,
    Ball is with our team.
    for Great Syria

  4. I really HOPE that the “good news” for Syria holds, but we have one itsy bitsy problem and I have been stating for MONTHS on this forum that Russia is going to HAVE to confront the MAIN sponsors of this evil in Syria, and so far, they have turned a BLIND EYE to WHATEVER the “axis of evil” US/UK/NATO/Israhell has been doing in Syria and now, I’ve just ran across THIS report where the insane kike controlled US State Dept. is calling for outright AIR STRIKES against Assad!!! Whatcha gonna do NOW, Russia!? Still gonna “look the other way”!!!??? I’m the LAST person that wants to see an outright nuclear war, but these insane murderous kikes that are in TOTAL control of the US are pushing for this and there is no other way to STOP it!!! You have the arms, I know what your “plan” is, it’s past time to USE it, Russia!!! And while you set kike controlled US on fire, be sure you light that fuse in the little shit hole called Israhell, as THEY are the real source of evil on this planet!!!!!!

    • Hot air from the state dept Edward. If they could get away with doing that it would have been done already. The Empire is desperate and squirming as the clock ticks by on a western economy well past it’s sell-by-date. Whoever is seen to openly start another global conflict will have no allies / support and no chance of winning it (even the hardass Empire knows this well). Do you honestly think Europeans will fight to the death for a psychopathic elite that has deliberately put them all in the firing line – unless their allies the US are openly assualted, and that is not going to happen. As it is europe is under serious financial and political strain and at breaking point all caused by London / Washington warmongering imperialist policies. Without Europe The Empire has zero chance of even surviving the next global conflict.

      • DT, I’ve been looking at the military build up of NATO in E. Europe and unfortunately, you know that the sheeple don’t get a say in what the crazy evil elites are doing!!! We only get to react to what gets done to us. So far, everything the elites have done for centuries have worked as for as getting people to volunteer to kill themselves off in controlled wars, and this time it is looking like it won’t be any different. Whose to stop the illegal alien Monkey King from pushing the button to fire off the nukes against anyone he wants!? NO ONE!!! We “supposedly” have a military that has the power to arrest him and all of congress for aiding and abetting an “enemy” to the US, but like Hitler’s generals, the ones on the top are getting their retirement and other perks for obeying The Master!!! I only hope you are right but we don’t have SANE people at the head of the US gov’t!!! They have “job applications” in NY to hire FOREIGN UN “disarmament specialists” to FORCEFULLY disarm the American people!!! The WAR is coming, and it won’t just be in Syria, it will be on the shores of the US and brought to us by our OWN insane and very EVIL gov’t!!!

        Alert: United Nations Hiring “Disarmament Officers” To Take American Guns

        EMERGENCY BULLETIN: The United Nations, by permission of the Obama Administration, has started a program to disarm Americans. They are actively recruiting foreigners to apply for a position with a duty station of New York to come to America and be the aggressors in disarming Americans.

        Don’t believe me? Here’s the job announcement on the UN website:

        Remember when Obama/Kerry forced the “small arms treaty” through and signed it without consent of the Senate? (aided and abetted by the traitors at Snopes who propagated the idea that it was harmless).
        It’s time to fight back America! We are doomed unless we act now!


      • The US is stroking hysterical Russia hatred in eastern Europe that is dragging the rest of Europe along with it. There is an article on The Saker website by Scott that makes a good case that a false flag is coming in Estonia. NATO forces in eastern Europe looks small right now but it is building up fast and Russia knows it and is calculating that the jihadi vermin in Syria must be destroyed before the neocon/neolib Queen Killary is crowned in January otherwise Russia will face three war fronts.

        The US is preparing an invasion force in eastern Europe. The trigger will be pulled if Russia can be subverted into chaos. The paramilitaries being organized in eastern Europe would follow the regular army, slaughtering Russians.

        The Russian government sees all this and is preparing. They know that their sovereignty is at stake. They know what the US is up to. China understands that if Russia falls that they will be surrounded by NATO, so China is also preparing.

        The East has drawn a line in Syria and knows that if it falls that the US and its Anglosphere and EU vassals will think they are fated to rule the world and will push on Russia and China even harder. This will be the final act and will lead to a world wide catastrophe.

        The West will break on the East. I despair at how much of humanity will suffer until the fascist rogue state US is defeated, neutralized, or exhausted. This is the battle that must be fought in order to allow for the birth of the future multifarious cooperative world that the US is trying to stillbirth.

        • Arius, completely agree with you, there seems to be a false flag grooming down the road against Russia, clearly intended to raise the cold war 2.0 level to its highest level. The world economy continues to slip into what it is now expected a collapse vs recession, things will get sour very fast late in 2016 early 2017.

          • Guess the US has to do a false flag…their economy is tanking faster than ever in history & they’re broke. Better distract with a ground war….but, hey, Russia has them outgunned. So if they get it started, they better be ready for the bear.
            RE the West breaking the East, I think not. Take a look at little Vietnam, after the Yanks bombed it. Still there & doing ok.
            No, this time, it’s about exposing the Bankster cabal. They know it, too.

          • ”there seems to be a false flag”

            Doubt it.

        • Good comment Arius, if they crazy enough to try, then they better be prepared to die.

        • Arius and Syrpers, two articles worth reading from zerohedge that can illustrate the state of things boiling into cold war 2.0, and one tweet from Elijah with Putin’s message to the US on Syria:

          1) The up coming economic disaster, lengthy article with tons of data.

          2) Another false flag may be coming in Syria with the intention to create a multiple countries war zone.

          3) “BREAKING #Russia #Putin:” if things continue as they are in #Syria it will collapse. The fall of Syria will threatened the world stability.”

          In other words, Russia is paving the way to go for war for Syria, this is “delicate” diplomatic message to the US.
          As mentioned few days ago, things are about to go wild in Syria, multiple battles and offensives, we are already seeing a glimpse of it but the Mother of all battles has not started, Aleppo.

          • Canthama, said it before when many were calling Russia/Putin a traitor or weak, diplomacy has to run it’s course as Russia is doing right now contrary to what many are saying, once that’s exhausted the Russian hammer will come down hard on them, BIG TIME.

        • And the cuckhold Republicans stand by and watch their wives and daughters get gangbanged by Obama and his black gangster friends. After they are finished with their wives and daughters the republicans thank Obama and his gangster friends for gangbanging them. Pathetic excuse for a political party, I am voting for trump, the hell with paul ryan, john macain, mit Romney and the rest of the cuckhold crew.

        • Russia has already capitulated.
          Look at the pathetic way putin is pleading with the West.

          Russia has shown that they are idiots with illusion as guiding prninciple.
          Putin was at cusp of win in debles in Donbass in Feb 2015 and he frittered away that chance.
          Russian side was at cusp of win in February 2016 and traitor lavorv stoppedthat. It means Russia has herself to blame for pathetic grovelling to her enemies.
          Russia could have been a super power again but xhose to be a mouse.and traitor to allies.
          Read more a

        • Wesley Clarke stated in 2001 that the US planned to destroy seven countries in five years . Fifteen years later (and 10 years overdue) they have not achieved this.

          I think it was always Russia and China’s intent to bring down the US economy and crash the US dollar – Not only will this stop the current wars,it will stop the future wars.

          Russia and China have made great strides toward this goal (demise of the Petro being one – trading in ‘local’ currencies another ) – The US dollar became a Pariah some years ago.

          China will enter the SDR ‘basket’ in October and I have no doubt – will destroy the US dollar from within by demanding that ALL Chinese trade be negotiated in Yuan.

          Defeating the Zionist/US whilst at the same time avoiding global conflict was NEVER going to be easy – Zionist/US will simply not go gracefully.

          The US has bet their entire future on ‘perpetual’ WAR – guided by their Zionist/Banker masters – this year will be very telling !

      • They will get away with it if the girls in Damascus decides NOT to defend Syria’s air space as usual.
        “attacking Assad’s forces’ will have some serious unintended consequences in Syria, chief of which will be the overthrowing of Mr. Assad by people who WILL defend Syria even if it means raining down Missiles on Dimona , turkey and Jordan.
        Maybe attacking “ASad’s forces will be a good thing for Syria, Russia will stand aside and we can now get the War really going for good..

        • Leroy, no, what will happen is that the SAA will take their uniforms off and dress as civilians, then when the invaders come they will be attacked and chipped away slowly slowly, the west will NOT win the war in the end, not only that, i think many around the world will start to attack their politicians and maybe some even killed, remember, it IS the politicians who are giving the orders.

          • CHEVI” I have no moral or ethical objection to crooked politicians and lawyers being nailed to their own front doors with bayonets.

      • then what are french,UK,and german forces doing in syria now? these assholes have no control and are led by zionist leaders that do not have any national interest at heart,only serve usrahell and the NWO

        • The French German and Brits have their token forces in Syria waiting for when the dust settles, they are there to stake out their claim for the contracts to rebuild Syria. Since the announcement a few weeks back that Russian companies got all the contracts to rebuild there has been a flurry of these Token troops to Syria. They don’t want it go the way of Iraq where not one American oil company got a single oil contract “after the war.”

    • Edward,

      Don’t worry. The United States is not going to strike Russian and Syrian targets–way too dangerous. Superpowers are like high-priced lawyers–they’d rather play it safe (and settle) rather than risk losing. The U.S. respects Russian airpower and anti-aircraft systems–the new Russian military isn’t the same Soviet one that languished in Afghanistan. And, it is unlikely that with a few months remaining and an Presidential election looming that Obama will press for war.

      My guess is that there will be some attempts by the West to hold some Syrian and Iraqi Kurdish territory, but that’s not even looking very promising. Iraqi Kurds are facing economic ruin and are extremely divided, while Syrian Kurds have no desire to take on the SAA once the latter vaquishes the Takfiris.

      • FHTEX, I wish you were right but as I responded to DT, in the above post, we don’t have SANE people running the US gov’t!!! They not only want to kill off as many people in the ME, especially Syria as they can they intend to do it in the US too. Please see the reply to DT above. The kikes that totally control the US WANT IT DESTROYED, and THAT is the problem!!! And as far as this “election” goes my money is that it doesn’t happen, because the evil insane perps in power now intend to STAY in power by civil war!!! The US military could STOP all of this but…will they!? So far, they are as complicit in this evil as the whole of the US gov’t is!!! As I stated, NOT looking good!!!

        • Edward: Right. Plus, the ‘West’ is bankrupt, and those with nothing left have nothing left to lose. Bummer.

          • Arklight, it’s worst than “BUMMER” I am getting reports from other people that if the kike neocons can’t get total WORLD CONTROL then they plan to BURN IT TO THE GROUND!!! Typical kike behavior!!! These evil bastards have no Soul!!!!!!!!! I don’t have an answer to any of this, all I can do is post the facts on this forum and HOPE that enough people can “spread the word” to wake up enough people to make a difference. I see where a UK MP was “murdered” and they are now trying to pin that on a neo-Nazi supporter!!! Yes, right before the Brexit vote, she gets murdered by an EU opponent, HOW CONVENIENT!!! I BET Dave CaMORON set all of this up to skew the voting so he can keep the UK in the EU. This is as much a False Flag as the shooting in Orlando as it is now being reported that it was “reported” to have happened SIX HOURS EARLIER than it happened and the first report was only “20” dead!!! We are being set up folks, looks like nuclear war is coming and there isn’t anything we can do to stop it. Hopefully when the radioactive dust settles, there will be enough survivors to go after the evil bastards that caused all of this!!!

        • Edward, I tend to agree that some bad stuff may happen soon, but it is more likely in the coming election cylcle in the U.S. than overseas. Look at what happened in England–the Brexit folks seemed to be carrying the day and then the assassination occurs. But, I’ve long been of the opinion that elements of the military are keeping us out of a major war in Syria. The trigger was cocked in August of 2013 and then at the last second Obama backed down. Why? The U.S. military officer oath is to the Consitution, not the President, and Congress has yet to provide a declaration of war against Syria or Russia, as required by the Constitution. True, we have black ops and “advisors” inserted, but that’s not the same thing as a full-scale conflagration.

          • FHTEX, I wished I could be as positive as you are but the US military has MORE than enough legalities to ARREST the illegal alien Monkey King on Constitutional grounds and outright Federal LAWS violations (importing illegal aliens etc.) and they do nothing. And though we don’t have a sizable military build up in Syria YET, those “black ops” and “ACTIVE military advisors” can be used to DRAW the US into a hot war with Russia. Not to mention the big military buildup in eastern Europe and Ukraine and the Baltic States!!! And let’s not forget those airbases being built in northern Syria!!! Yes, their Oath is SUPPOSED to be to the US Constitution but they are FOLLOWING the illegal dictates of that illegal alien Monkey King!!! Please see my post above where the US gov’t is hiring foreign UN armament officers to go after American guns!!! Good luck with THAT fellows. If you evil perps can’t defeat and subjugate a small nation like Syria, better think TWICE about trying to do that to the US!!! But as I said, these kikes are completely INSANE!!!

          • FHTEX: You’ll never again see a formal declaration of war from the US Congress. What they do is give the President authority to conduct combat operations when, and where, he sees fit. That way, when the wheels come off,, it’s the President’s fault. Additionally, with all of the overlapping and interlocking mutual defense treaties, declaring war on Andorra could bring you head to head with Red China. Better to let the Prez take the heat so that the ratbastards in Congress can just go on selling their offices without having to worry about anything.

            Edward: You’re right, bummer is not strong enough; how about, MAJOR BUMMER!!

          • Brexit scums are are no angels they are the most vile part of racist English hooligan types,
            They hate even scots and Wales let alone Germans or Russians.
            Their desire is to see Germany destryoed again by making Germans fight against Russians as the vileenglish plotted both workd wars one and two in that manner.
            The centre of evil is England so do not lose sight of main evil target to be destryed.

    • yes we know washington goons are runing out of time and they must step up the time table schedule in toppling Assad and Syria but instead of russia simply giving a warning advice that if US strikes Syria that the matter will get worst why dont they actually warn them that they will not tolerate such behaviour and will defend syria from such an attack? all we ever hear are nothing but weak words of diplomacy from russia these days ,i hope there actions prove contrary to there weak words,,and more bad news today as saa retreats and leaves 4 villages to isis fucks in lattkia

      anyway,let them fucking try it and see what happens not only to there air force and ships but to turgay and israhell,,syria,iran,hezb and russia are waiting

    • Russia is faced with multiple issues as it aids Syria. In addition to the State Departments memo there is this disturbing paper that could form the basis for Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy. “Expanding American Power,”
      was published by the Center for a New American Security, a Democratic Party-friendly think tank co-founded and led by former Undersecretary of Defense Michèle Flournoy.

      It is rumored that Russian intelligence has Hillary’s emails. If this is true Putin needs to find a way to disclose them without having his fingerprints on the documents. Maybe they will be leaked to wiki leaks so they can be published. Syria is only part of the struggle going on between Russia and the U.S.

      • Illegal: Hitlery Klingon wants to expand what? Her coterie of lizzie lovers, maybe – – or her collection of adult toys, but the US has one good swing left in it and where is that going to land? on the US citizens, of course. I don’t think that will work out, either.

    • @Edward,
      ‘wsj’ stands for Wall Street Jewnal. It is now a craven propaganda organ ruled by chief Ikey-Moe, Rupert Merdekowski, Aussie drongo, born into wealth stolen by his equally-craven pater Sir Keith (a non-practising Jew as is Rupert, who is only kosher for the moolah).
      You gloom is unwarranted. The bloodthirsty lower orders in the State Dept have to use a virtual Complaints Box to ventilate their spleen.
      You expect Russia to obey your plan for tovarish hegemony. That’s not Putin’s strategy. What his strategy is precisely, we don’t know. But that’s the whole point. Putin is keeping his moves unpredictable, weaving and dodging. The enfants terrible of the Beltway knock themselves out raging against the greybeards’ caution. The greybeards may know a thing or two, that the American people will punish them, should they try open war against Syria. Polls and mail show that overwhelmingly.
      Russia will take advantage of the Yanqui Gulliver’s being tied up and constrained. No false flags can give them public backing for their bloodthirsty schemes. They will be caught between Vladimir’s ploys and their own publics’ rage. It will do them in, in the end.

  5. ohhh israel
    and weak idf golani
    all you have
    is psy operations
    blackmail and a knife in the back murder
    what will become of your twisted oded yinon.
    who will fight your future battles

    syriana staligrad

    assad and syria must plough these demons of zion
    these twisted products of the blood sucking mohel
    assad must plough the soil.
    work it boys
    satans and his lgbt queer forces
    can be transmuted from dung heap flesh into compost.
    syria can grow 100% kosher watermelons with shit expelled
    from these apes.

    profits from ploughing the soils
    organic matter
    no gmo or monsanto

    • ,Know-Nothing “Diplomats” Prepare For Hillary’s War On Syria’

      Worth a read.
      Let’s hope, the Hitlery bitch will never ever set a foot again in the WH.

  6. Like I said since the proxies are finished US and NATO are setting up to move in themselves.

    The Zion slap came down hard on them. Jump says the Zionist. How high asks US and NATO?

    • Jim, you are too right!!! Seems you can tell the difference of an American from the rest of the people of the world because when the kikes say “bend over” Americans bend over further, spread their cheeks wider, and scream louder for MORE, than any other people in this world!!! I guess it makes it better when the Chosenites are giving it to you but it is sickening that they have TOTAL control over the US. As I posted above, they intend to totally destroy the US and the brain dead sheeple in this country won’t be screaming for God’s Chosen People to rape them some more, they will be looking to hold them accountable for ALL of the evil that they have inflicted on this country!!! The US is going to be “Syria” really soon but I guess it is deserved when people are as brain dead stupid as we as a nation have become. To paraphrase Jefferson: Ignorant and free will not soon be!!!

      • Edward: Nobody shakes hands with American officials or politicians anymore; you can’t shake hands if your own are occupied covering the family jewels and your wallet. Just sayin’ – –

      • so true, it is sad to see how far America has fallen, gutless pathetic people have been completely neutered. United States has been occupied by foreign enemies, barack Obama is Muslim Brotherhood operative, Valerie Jerrad his commander. Obama doesn’t know anything, he is a front man, only value is his speechs and his gosh, golly, nothing to see her folks routine. To hell with all of them. The Paul Ryans, Mit Romneys, john mcains, stand around and watch packs of black men gangbang their wives and daughters. They then thank them afterwards and ask if they would like to gangbang Lindsey graham. Sick disgusting trash.

        • America has fallen at least since 1913 when the pathetic little KKK Freemason Woodrow Wilson Gave the Zionist jew Kabal the American economy, wake up boy , youv’e been fucked for a long time and it has nothing to do with Obama/Davis. How long do you think the Fiat money scheme of making money out of nothing , the Jew magic ,were going to last?

          • Leroy: America has been going downhill since its founding, but nobody noticed until the past hundred years when a few folks here and there took note, spoke out, and were accused of lunacy until tinfoil was invented. Not so many people laughing any more, though.

  7. Umm, no — Turkmen Mountain has not been “liberated” and anti-Assad Turkmen units have not withdrawn. They have retaken the hilltops and villages lost since Wednesday to Syrian military and militias.

    Umm, no — The Syrian Army is not within 3 km of Taqba Airbase in Raqqa Airbase. They haven’t advanced since last week and are still 15-20 km away.

    Umm, no — Whatever the story of Saudi individuals (rather than the Saudi monarchy) backing Daesh, Ziad does not have reliable information from “3 individuals who worked in the Saudi kingdom recently”.

    Good luck with the trip — the exhausted HeadFairies deserve a rest.

    • You’re absolutely correct!

    • Fatz, Assad just keeps stacking up the dead piles of zionist ratz for the dung beetles to munch on. The idea is to let the hebrew terrorist die for their country (and not die yourself).

    • Fats @ Level 7, can you be kind enough to post a few links to back your statements up!? How do you have better connections and information than Ziad does with family, friends, and relatives IN SYRIA, not to mention his vast connections in the legal field!? Well let’s see, THREE “ummm, no—” statements there and not ONE verifiable SOURCE to back any of this up. Ya might want to join Ziad on his trip to rest your “head fairies” there Fats, because just stating “no” doesn’t make it so. It appears that your M.O. on this site is to inform us of how bad things are going in Syria. Well, in a war, that is expected because not all battles can be won but if THAT is ALL you focus on, you will surely be defeated!!! Try to focus a little more positivity there Fats, all that negativity is bad for ones health!!! And besides all of that, Syria IS “winning” if you haven’t noticed-they are STILL FIGHTING!!! So things aren’t all that bad!!!

      • Re Turkmen Mountains:

        Among both pro-Assad and anti-Assad sources….

        • Fats, I just looked at the links you provided. Yes, it seems that the rats have retaken four? villages back, but this isn’t going to cause Syria to lose the war!!! Canthama has covered all of this in his post that I direct your attention to. Well worth looking at. And as much as I appreciate you keeping all of us informed on the BAD things going on in Syria, you ought to balance that out with a little POSITIVE news, Fats, it isn’t ALL bad in Syria!!! I’m sure you could really find something POSITIVE to report on if you looked hard enough!!! All “negative thinking/seeing” is not good for one’s mental health!!!

      • Re Raqqa Province:

        Check Leith’s Twitter feed — He and Sayed Ridha confirmed earlier this week that Syrian army was still 15-20 km from the base. Latest news from Thursday is that Daesh counter-attacked those positions, with claims that this was repelled.

        • If I want to read al masdar news , I will read al masdar news, don’t need you to tell me what is on that website. You have no value, nothing you say is important. All your information is old news, things someone else has already reported. I’m sure you look in the mirror after you post and tell yourself how intelligent you are. sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Fats, and others of his ilk, are full of hot air… bluster without substance, and posting without links proves it

      The SyrPer folks are too patient (Ziad included) & at times too emotional in your dealings with this sort.

      Fats, try peddling your fiction at MoonOfAlabama, or ZeroHedge, and see how long you last

      And speaking of the former, the current article about those warmongering US “diplomats” is worth the read, including comments:

      • But how do you know I don’t contribute to MoA or ZeroHedge?

        Keep looking….

    • ”Turkmen Mountain has not been “liberated”

      ”The Syrian Army is not within 3 km of Taqba Airbase”
      Ok SyrPer readers……I will concede the error……..they are within 3.5 km of Taqba Airbase.

      ”Whatever the story of Saudi individuals”
      Fats has it on good authority………..SyrPer readers…… can ”believe” everything he posts.

      ”Good luck with the trip”
      Thank you on Ziads behalf….. Fats…….you are too kind.

      Now that the formalities are out of the way dear Syrper readers…….time for this weeks quiz.

      QUESTION: Where is Fats Domino getting the information he posts here within minutes of Ziads blog appearing, with such confidence and speed?

      ANSWER: Could it be,

      A. The CIA

      B. MI6 maybe

      C. MOSSAD

      D. All of the above

      Post your answer below dear SyrPer readers and you will go into the draw for an autographed copy of Fats Dominoes latest book offering……..”Jewish Mothers Never Die”.

      • Syd, there should be no A, B or C, it’s D , as they are one and the same., but i’ll pick D.

        • CHEVI1789…….you are in the draw.

  8. South Front – Foreign Policy Diary – Russia’s Responses to NATO Expansionism

  9. Off Topic can someone explain in Jew media and Wikipedia that’s probably edited by the same they claim that there is Christians in SDF how is this possible when SDF is composed of YPG/Bolsheviks from around the world and numerous WAHHABI TAKFIRI groups like Liwa Thuwwar al-Raqqa, Jaysh al-Thuwar, Northern Sun Battalion. No way Syriac Military Council(If it exists in reality) will be allowed to live by Bolshevik and Takfiri Wahhabi rats. Both Jewish Bolshevism and Wahhabism is anti Christians founded and created by the tribe.

    • I forgot Jihad in the Path of God Brigade and by Bolshevisk from around the world i mean International Freedom Battalion Proletarian internationalism=Predecessor to Zionist Globalism. The supposed Syriac forces engaged many battles together with both Bolsheviks and Wahhabi Takfiris against Daesh according to Wikipedia like i said probably edited by some Shlomo monsters.

      • Like i said its really no difference between French Mandate Wahhabi Takfiri Rats in SDF and Daesh Wahhabi Rats.

  10. Fatty just doesn’t understand the fluid nature of war.
    I think the SAA has a 4 to 1 ratio advantage in kills.
    Paradise is getting awfully crowded and the virgins in short supply!!

    • Ted, Have you considered That the thing calling itself “Fats Domino might not be a real person ? But some type of a AI algorithm robot machine at MI6 programmed to spout certain responses based on it’s program. I say MI6 because it uses English English if that makes sense to you.
      But yes here at the institute we are leaning to the possibility that “fats” may not be a real person at all among others here such as the thing calling itself “Putin is Scum” who seem to need a program update because it posts the same thing everyday at about the same time .

      • That’s what I decided. I skip those comments, including PIS.
        Paid rubbish.

  11. For Scandinavians here, good articles om Syria

  12. another day in syria.

    the boys in the attack. they are getting better and better which is more than i can say for the syrian army and its allies. good grief. look at them. running like dogs and they finally overrun a bunch of them and get them cornered in a building. and they go in and take prisoners and rough them up a tad and shoot the wounded.

    yes just another day in syria.

    where are the immortals?

    • Go fuck your jew mother who is your sister shlomo.

  13. Turkmen mountain liberated! Let’s do a dance of joy!
    What’s the next step? Choke some more? You just strangle, Syria!

    I woke up today to diplomas’ call for attack on “Assad”.
    Syria, if they attack you, I’ll come over too. I’m sure I won’t be the only one. You are Spain of the century. We’ll strangle this snake, so help us all our gods!

  14. Off topic but very relevant to Syria down the road. Fallujah about to be fully liberated in Iraq. As this idea settles inside ISIS terror group, the ISF and its allies are already advancing toward Mosul on the Tigris River.
    Besides, once Fallujah and vicinity villages are fully liberated, there are some clean up to do in few villages still, it is also expected that an Iraqi force drives up the Euphrates toward Al Qaim by the border with Syria with the objective to eliminate ISIS from Anbar once and for all, this will have huge impact in Syria once it happens.

    • Canthama, your post isn’t really “off topic” because it has everything to do with Syria!!! There are only two places the rats can run to, Iraq and Turkey. Once the Turd border gets sealed off, that will only leave Iraq that they could regroup in to attack anyone. Now that is about to be closed off, the rats are being squeezed between a rock and a hard place. It will remain to be seen if the kikes can FORCE their bitch, the US, to actually intervene DIRECTLY to save the Zionist rats, as the articles I have been posting, and as a few others have posted on this matter, and it is coming down to THAT scenario!!! Interesting times we are living in.

      • Edeward: Correct. Iraq, Lebanon and Syria are the active combat zones, but the entire ME is a single theater, in my opinion.

    • The Iraqi army retakes Fallujah and this is a major story. And what makes the front of the BBC Web Page? “Ex-Aushchwitz guard, 94, convicted”. LOL

      • Jean: That’s weird. I thought that SS das Reich was almost entirely taken up with combat operations, so how did this guy get stuck with prison camp guard?

    • Canthama,

      With respect, there has been no effective advance for Syrian army and militias after the counter-attack reclaimed the territory.

      Frontline in NE Latakia has not shifted significantly since February 27 cessation.

      Of course, this does not mean that Syrian military will not advance in weeks to come, but the promised breakthrough into Idlib is not as apparent today as it might have been earlier in the Russian-supported offensives.



      • You are so gaypride in telaviv

    • Canth iraq is never off topic, interestingly , the Russians see Syria, iraq and Ukraine as the SAME Theater , Why do you think the Russians set the joint operations room in iraq/?

    • Nice! Thanks.

  15. Some comments on today’s post as well as yesterday on terrorists gaining this morning all they have lost in the past 4 days in NE Lattakia. This is not true at all, the terrorists, indeed, pushed hard a counter offensive overnight and early in the morning recapturing 4 villages : Ayn issa, Al-Sarraf, Kalaz, Shahroura, along with the Al-Hayat hill and its tower. These sites are all in the very borderline of the frontline, this is a war and gains a losses are daily. We have seen this in Lattakia before, strong and solid gains from the allied forces are partially lost in a counter offensive, then rats are flushed out of their holes, to die by air strike and artillery, this has all the indication that it will happen again.

    Terrorist losses in the past 4 days were much larger than the 4 villages retaken today, huge area lost that they won’t be able to get near it again, mainly inside the previous cauldron as well as higher hills well defended by the NDF and SSNP. It is important to mention that the allied forces are now 5 kms from all the Lattakia border with Turkey, meaning at fire control of this tiny area, this is checkmate for the terrorists.

    The situation in Lattakia is unsustainable for the terrorists, they will lose it all and as soon as a breakthrough happens in Kabanah, then it will be time for Idlib.

    • Canthama, thanks for the update. As I told Mr. Fats in the above post, if all one looks at is DEFEAT, then THAT is what is going to happen to the person/s that can only see that. As stated, war is a series of win/lose/draw and it would be nice if the “good” side ALWAYS “won” and never had a loss, but it’s not the world we live in!!! As my homeroom teacher told his class one day: It isn’t how “many” battles you “win or lose” that counts, it’s WHICH battles you “win or lose” that count!!!!!! Washington LOST a LOT more battles against the Brits than he ever won, but the battles that he did win, were the ones that COUNTED!!!

      • Mr Fats?



    • Militants control a very small area in Latakia, causing them to have to approach SAA positions only via several roads and passage ways. Nevertheless, they still achieved everything they set out to achieve, completely defeating SAA leadership, both mentally and physically.
      To add insult to injury, this has all happened so many times before; in the absolutely same fashion. Militants run to Turkey, and return the next day. A continuous barrage of the handful of roads leading to these areas would have made it very difficult for militants to do what they did. So often it appears that SAA has been penetrated by the enemy agents. What else can explain these brutally horrible military mistakes that happen time and time again. How many fighters sacrificed their lives to capture these areas; only so their leadership is incapable of organizing a defense. SAA should learn from militants. How long have they prevailed at Kabani?

      • Lol another new words.Fukin troll cunt.

    • This is called ATTRITION , an Army cannot win when it’s in a state of Attrition, Syria needs to hold what it has conquered, What’s wrong with arming the people of these towns? What’s wrong with Land mines? Syrian military seem to have serious aversion to Landmines. Heck they don’t even mine their own borders.
      When i were in Cuba in the mid 70’s i remember seeing 75 year old grandmothers trotting through the streets on Saturday mornings humping a full load out AK 47 and all. What’s wrong with Syrians? Is it the Arab/Muslim tendency for helplessness and Government dependency?

  16. All,

    Tomorrow is fuck your mothers day of the week in Israel.

    I will be out of my Tel Aviv boiler room office. I will be back to posting the following day.

    Shabbat Shalom to you all.



    • Fats @ Level 7, I hope your Mom enjoys your pounding her pud better than the comments you have been posting here!!! As stated, a few links to prove your statement in your post would be appreciated but Canth has cleared the subject up nicely. Oy Vey!!!

      • Edwards,

        My mom loves me. She always tells me I’m better than my dad in bed.

        Best of all, sex with mom is FREE.

        Oy Vey!



      • Edwards you are really stupid, it’s a joke dumbass. The irony you know.I think that you are a troll and farts is your second pen name

  17. South Front – International Military Review – Syria, June 17, 2016

  18. Acaso creen que Siria esta sola. Son 51 empleados descerebrados. Una sola Siria la de Bashar Al Assad.

  19. Fatty just doesn’t understand the fluid nature of war.
    i am not sure he gets all his intel from debka and rabbi rupert murdoch.
    rupurt murdoch along with jacob rothschild has genie energy oil futures in syria golan
    so maybe unkle rupurt knows much.

    as for fluid since gender fluid and the lgbt concept is pure synagogue of satan
    fats is a semen fluid expert

  20. ?como se hace usted lee inglés pero no puede escribirlo?

    • esto está para Fredy

  21. Brand new map from Fallujah in Iraq, liberation is on the way.

  22. Consider the possibility that the recent leaked memo , from 51 ” state department officials “, is meant to force Russia’s hand. If the US starts bombing Syria, and Russia responds by shooting the planes down, it will most likely lead to increased sanctions, asset seizures, and increased encirclement of Russia. If, on the other hand, Russia does nothing, it will show the world Russia’s impotence, possibility forcing other countries to reconsider its alliances with it. Like I said previously, the US seems to be playing a big game of “Chicken” with both Russia and China, in effect, neutralizing their nuclear and military deterrents. The US will increasingly push the envelope with both nations to see if they react militarily, if they don’t , then its game over for both of them, and sadly, Syria also.

    ” Russia: US strikes on Assad will plunge Mideast into chaos ”

    • “Mieszko I” If you don’t have a good hand, bluff like you do. The US directorate does not know whether to shit or go blind because,( Fats, et al, to the contrary notwithstanding) what Ziad is reporting is the real deal. As the SAA gets closer to its targets — movement necessarily slows just like it did in Palmyra because of the increased density of IEDs and suicide defense measures. I figure what is happening in Aleppo with Ziad reporting the deaths of so many of their top commanders is for real. This is why Kerry and the State Dept. propagandists are blustering like a gale force wind. The action in Latakia is bound to see-saw a bit but regardless of that — the intense conflict is bound to have screwed up the flow of aid from Erdogan to the terrorists enclaves of Aleppo. I suspect they are running low on ammo and other supplies. Plus, they moved a lot of their personnel and their families out of Raqqa into Aleppo a month ago. Now, those people are not so much a shield and a benefit as an immense burden for them to support. They deliberately kept them in Syria when the had the chance to flee to Turkey. Now the border is virtually impenetrable. Now they are boiling in the caldron. This time the waiting game will benefit the SAA and allies which is not to say the terrorists won’t make an occasional intense attack at some weak point along the battle lines and overrun some small post or village. The remaining large terrorist concentrations are Aleppo, Idlib, Raqqa, and Deir ez-Zor. My guess is that that the allies will liberate 1. Raqqa, 2. Deir ez-Zor, 3. Aleppo, and 4. Idlib — in that order.

      • Berl:

        Fair enough. I dont doubt the ability if Syrian forces to ultimately prevail, thats not the issue. However, let me repost a quote of mine from above:

        ” Remember, the weaker the “moderate ” opposition gets the closer we are to US intervention. ”

        Of course, I could be wrong, and they are bluffing. However, I don’t think the US has the option of bluffing. Its fraudulent economic, and political, system is collapsing quicker then they planned, and they have a very limited time to accomplish the Zionist’s ultimate goal of world domination. Ultimately, the US is just a slave, like most everyone else, to the Jewish Golem, and knowing the Jews, they won’t just give up when they are this close. Secondly, without their US pit-bull , there is a strong possibility that the rest of the world will turn on them with a vengeance for their past crimes. Not to mention, losing the Jew’s greatest cash cow. I’m afraid this is a battle to the death.

      • Excellent post, Berl. Agree with what you say in particular the order of towns to be liberated i.e. 1, Raqqa 2. Deir ez-Zor 3. Aleppo and 4. Idlib.

    • Mieszko, America is a weak country, sure it has great new weapons but they know they would lose a war if on their own, otherwise why get so many other countries involved? Russia alone has taken on the rats and is doing just fine, Russia alone can defeat america, Russia and China with Iran can take on NATO, Syria IS the red line for humanity.

    • Mr Mieszko,What a truly naive statement.How deluded!

      • If you got something better to add, then do it, otherwise stay quiet; Mr. Radar.

  23. Clear response by Russia to the 50 US diplomats that called for war against Syrians, in my own words: “Should you go for Assad, all Middle East will go down the drain”.

  24. I don’t think we should attach any importance to the Kerry outburst about “running out of patience”.

    Here’s my take on how it happened.
    1. Fifty diplomatic staffers in the State Department decided that Clinton was the best bet for president.
    2. So they decided to submit their job applications in advance.
    3. This entailed writing an office warrior Assad-bashing memo.
    4. Kerry knew about it in advance.
    5. So he struck first, to preempt any questions on his stance.

    It was just the sound of ivory tower political jostling, and of absolutely no consequence in the real world.

    • ” Fifty diplomatic staffers in the State Department decided that Clinton was the best bet for president. ”

      So what you’re saying, is that they know that Hillary will attack Syria if elected ? No much difference is there ?
      However, the US cant wait that long. This is just pre-positioning of public opinion in advance of the inevitable. How will Syria / Russia force the NATO goons to exit Syrian lands after the head choppers are defeated ? If you cant answer that question, then you cant possibly understand whats going on currently.

      • Maybe. They are just declaring they have no conscience or humanity in the hope of a pay rise if Clinton gets in. It has no relevance at the present time.

        As regards your question..

        Syria and Russia cannot and will not *force* NATO out of Syria.

        The *political solution* needed is not a solution to end the civil war. The democratic reforms were completed long ago. The war will end as soon as the foreign agents stop funding and supporting the terrorists.

        The political solution refers primarily to America and Russia, but also to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others. When Kerry and Lavrov agree to settle their differences on sanctions, face-saving measures, the Ukraine and so on, only then can Syria be allowed to live in peace. Geopolitics overshadows everything.

      • Get a life rabi mieszkovitch

        • Spell Rabbi correctly and I might, you ignorant twat. Say something of substance or STFU. Hopefully, your dumb ass knows what that means, if not look it up on the “internets”. Have an awesome day you ignoramus.

          • Fuck you piece of shit

          • I know that you are a embeded parasite troll rabi mieszkovitch.Go back to your kiboutz shlomo cunt and..

        • albatorovitch

          How dare you dishonor the sacred name of Mieszko, Duke of Poland.
          He was Gentile !

    • Good viewpoint, cuts these political pygmies down to size. The USA has never faced a major war, so its foreign office is full of your “ivory tower office-politics jostlers”. Neither do their Yankee sheeple know what war is, because up till now that little ivory tower of a country has been protected by the Atlantic in the East and the Pacific in the West, ocean barriers that kept that kept them thousands of miles away from harm. The sheeple and their leaders do not realize that WW3 will bring them real war: missiles from the sea and over the pole that will devastate their major cities. Foot soldiers marching from Alaska, landing from the sea, and dropping from the air. Their little ticky-tacky ivory towers will collapse, their sheeple will go hungry, that little country which deludedly calls itself “America” will suffer what the countries in Eurasia and Africa and the Middle East have suffered. Office jostlers, stick to rearranging your Chairs of Office – do not tempt the Gods of War war because, sure as hell, this time Real War will be coming to come to a Wallmart near you.

  25. hey fats
    i here the rabbi is behind rap musac
    dat der trut bro

    talkin of rap actors,models and singers and politicians
    seems to be a dangerous profession.

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    Orlando Shooting HOAX. Patience Carter. ‘The Great Escape’.

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  26. Putin: Russia’s first priority in Syria is to keep the country unified
    17 June، 2016

    Moscow, SANA-The Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the West for the chaos in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

    Putin, who was speaking at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday, said the chaos in the Middle East is a result of Western support for colored revolutions and the so-called Arab Spring.

    Russia seeks to consolidate trust among all components of the Syrian society by holding a political dialogue, the Russian president added.

    He added that crisis settlement in Syria requires drafting a new constitution and holding new presidential and parliamentary elections, calling on Washington to bring pressure to bear on the Syrian opposition to move forward in the political settlement.

    Putin warned that Syria’s breakup, if it happens, will contribute to destabilizing the entire region and the world, stressing that Russia’s main goal is for Syria to remain a unified country.


    • As if destabilising is not the MAIN goal of anglosaxon parasites who plotted this war way back in 2009 in England and who will pushthe envelope until Russia reacts or goes down as a chicken withou fightingas she did in1990s.
      Putinhas become imbecile now -all 5th columnists traitors like lavrov have made him insane.


    Still NO confirmation that Al-Baghdadi is alive…..

    Fats’ Bug-Dadi is in the Bag.

    The exhausted HeadFairies of Fats Domino deserve a rest…….

  28. WELCOME all Syper fans!! Ziad will not be able to update his news until Sunday at the earliest. Please limit your posts to constructive comments or news items of general interest. I am getting complaints that when the number of postings passes 300 it is getting extremely hard for some to sign on to the site. This has to hold us for two more days. Thanks and WELCOME to all!

      Could you please post in yellow like Ziad so that we can be sure we are dealing with a real administrator or someone connected with Syr Per blog. Otherwise, don’t post here as you are clogging up the blog and causing unnecessary posts that may contribute to the site being slow. THANK YOU.

  29. Russia has betrayed Iran and Syria once again in south Aleppo. The cease fire has once again proven a boon for the enemy. Now Al Hader is at risk. Political arrangements among the powerful is prolonging this war and it is the Syrian people who are ultimately paying the price. God help Syria!

    Keep faith and trust in the SAA!
    God Protects the Syrian Army!

    • Yes Russians have betrayed the allies again. Sadthat good Rusdian people are saddled with such incompetent leaders and traitors.

  30. While the Russians are dickering around in Syria, the U.S. is rebuilding the Ukranian army and militias for another go around against the separatists. This will force Russia to deal with 2 simultaneous conflicts that will test her military capacity and political loyalty. I fear that Syria will get the short end of the stick if the separatists are overwhelmed. Tough times ahead for Russia which has vacillated on both fronts.

    Keep faith and trust in the SAA!
    God Protects the Syrian Army!

    • Russia willpay for frittering away the chance of victories in Donbass in Feb 2015 and in Syria in Feb 2016.

  31. How many more insults will you take Putin ? Tell the Olympics to take a permanent hike, as they are obviously political tools of the West.

    ” IAAF votes to keep Russia banned, Rio participation in balance ”

    • Russia has no honour left now,betraying her allies seem her speciality.

      • Apna
        Hey curry-muncher!
        Still working at the Quickie-Mart?
        “Enjoy your chicken vindaloo. Please come again.”

  32. The Russians apparently see Raqqa and not Aleppo as the key to a unified Syria and ultimately victory over the enemy. While Iran and Syria may see it differently, it is Russia that is for now calling the shots. Just have to be patient and hope that the Russian strategists are right.

    Keep faith and trust in the SAA!
    God Protects the Syrian Army!

    • God Protects..

      I feel sad to see that you get ‘dislikes’ for saying:
      “God protects the Syrian Army.”

      *It shows us all what kind of subhuman vermin are currently infesting our site.
      Please, NEVER stop saying it.

    • Russian helped Syria a lot, lets be fair! Syria was on the path of Spain Republic, but this time Russia decided to act properly imo. Lets be honest Syria is just a pawn on chessbord, but Im confident she will promote to queen any time soon. Russia will act by her own agenda, so you want to liberate Alepo before…..try out, strategy is maybe to boil them a little bit more.
      Look at 1945 Red Army was on Odra regroping to cross to Varšava where Poles have risen.
      They didnt came to help poor Poland, but hey they wanted to liberate it before Soviets..good luck then


      Well its Russian way to act as they want-deserved. They fought their hystoric battles well, lost tens of milions of VECHNAJA SLAVA NARODU POBEDITELJU!
      Syria will be victorious comrade, Russia can not afford to loose there.

  33. Ziad: thought you should know the US is ready to create a no fly zone in Syria

    ” The U.S. Air Force is ready to create a no-fly zone in Syria, as stated by General David Goldfin, Rosbalt reported. According to him, there are three conditions necessary to introduce a no-fly zone. First, is the permission to shoot down all planes that enter the no-fly zone, including Russian ones”

    ” Also, the Air Force should have a clear understanding of the challenges “on the ground” in a no-fly zone. In order to return refugees and provide them with humanitarian assistance there must be local forces, which will control the situation on the ground.

    It is also necessary to redistribute the efforts of military aviation between maintaining the no-fly zone and the ongoing operation against terrorist groups. Goldfin stressed that the establishment of such a zone will protect civilians from bombing.

    Earlier, Washington opposed the creation of no-fly zones in Syria as it would require ground forces. “U.S. President Barack Obama, believes that such a move is not in the interest of our national security,” the Press Secretary of White House, Josh Ernest, said.”

    Quite frankly since it was the US that shot the Russian jet down via nato occupied turkey- They will shoot Russian planes down, but, Russia isn’t going to fly over Rojova
    Did I say Rojova? Why yes I did, cause the ‘kurds and allies’ are writing up a constitution and holding elections – deal done in three months!!

    Sorry for no links, but, links don’t work here for me- Just search the quoted wording or all info is posted at my blog

    Regarding Rojova elections and constitution

    ” The autonomous federation being planned by Syrian Kurdish parties and their allies is taking shape fast: a constitution should be finalised in three months, and possibly sooner, to be followed quickly by elections, a Kurdish official said”

    Bet on the sooner rather then the later

    Btw Ziad the US and France have built multiple military bases in the kurdish annexed territory

    The treachery of the kurds PKK/YPG backed by NATO has always been on full display for those with eyes to see-

    • This was the Zionist plan all along for breaking up Syria, an independent Kurdish State. Certainly not a big revelation that that is what the US neocons are pushing for..

  34. Very important. About the Russian weasel.

    Why Iran still doesn’t trust Russia on Syria

    On June 10, Iran hosted the defense ministers of Russia and Syria at its own Defense Ministry. The stated aim was to exchange views and discuss the ‘war on terror.’ This time, unlike previous such gatherings, it was Iran and not Russia that formed the political axis of the discussions.

    Despite its close collaboration with Russia in Syria, Iranian political and military officials are GROWING INCREASINGLY SUSPICIOUS ABOUT MOSCOW’S INTENTIONS and long-term strategy.

    After the Khan Tuman incident, many Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) strategists who had PREVIOUSLY WELCOMED the Russian military presence in Syria BEGAN TO EXPRESS DOUBT AND WORRY ABOUT MOSCOW’S OBJECTIVES in fighting alongside Iranian, Lebanese and Syrian forces.

    Tehran is on the whole estimated to have since 2011 spent $9 billion to $15 billion in Syria alone

    Several important political and field developments over the past two months have made Iran more suspicious of its Russian strategic partner. These developments include a reported SECRET AGREEMENT between Russia and the United States regarding the Free Syrian Army, Russia accepting the cease-fires WITHOUT INFORMING IRAN AND LEBANON and a temporary halt in Russian airstrikes against the moderate Syria opposition and Jabhat al-Nusra.

    Of note, it also appears that coordination between Tehran and Damascus has grown compared with that between Damascus and Moscow, especially as ASSAD SEEMS TO BE GROWING SUSPICIOUS OF HIS RUSSIAN ALLY and its objectives in Syria. In a message to his Russian counterpart, Assad recently emphasized, ‘We will not be satisfied with anything less than complete victory in Aleppo.’


    And here USA and Russia play some psy-op diversions to make fools out of everybody. Childish games by the US and Russkie regimes.

    Russian jets bomb US-backed Syrian rebels after US told Russia to stop

    • There is NO divide between Russia and Iran – They BOTH have a common enemy – The Zionist/US !!!

      • Jack you are aware that Russia does not view neither the US nor “israel” as an enemy right? At least not officially, but that could change drastically if the All Russia party loses the 2018 elections.

  35. A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    You only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians.

    They hated Russians. They hated Christians.

    Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

    It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time.

    The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • And now the Bolshevik heebs have the US by the sack, and they are using their Amerikan Golem to terrorize their enemies.

  36. A so Saudi Barbaria is going down to drain and fast, welcome to the cold, deep and dark recession, this is like a snowball, it will grow much bigger before it burst….and KSA is still spending billions in weapons, losing billions on the war of aggression against Yemen, it is spending billions bribing US/EU/Israeli politics, it is spending billions funding global terrorism, spending millions bribing UN’s Ban Ki Moon….and revenues are down down down. At this fantastic pace KSA is heading toward deep and long recession 2016-2018, end up 2018 with minimum foreign reserves and probably an internal revolution in many areas, starting with the will be millions of foreigners unemployed.

    “So, a slowdown in Saudi nominal GDP is already baked in the cake. The Saudis should get used to that sinking feeling, which will only abate if oil prices continue to rise.”

    • Saudi Barbaria, that made me smile, those goat fuckers deserve to be destroyed, Canthama, do you know a site with Yemeni news? I had a good one, but lost it.

  37. Breaking! Russia officially BANNED from Rio Olympics!

    Russia’s track and field team was barred on Friday from competing in the Rio Olympics, perhaps the sharpest rebuke yet against doping on the sport’s biggest stage. The move by the International Association of Athletics Federations, its international governing body, was unprecedented – teams have been banned from the Olympics for political reasons, such as South Africa from 1964 to 1988 for its apartheid policy, but never doping.

    The US Olympic Committee issued a statement calling the suspension a “step in the right direction.”

    *Oy Veh, Lord Coe! You will now be presented with the highest honors on your return to Tel Aviv!

    • No Russians…….why go?

    • Just like they do at Disneyland with Eisner and Iger, the heebs run most of these regulatory agencies.

  38. As Syria gets closer to becoming liberated.

    The SHILLS start to infest this site – Zionist/US are so fucking desperate now !

  39. image:

    War Criminal Saudi Regime

    Saudi Prince’s Under-the-Radar U.S. Visit Belies Big Plans

    Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is making his solo Washington debut this week, pitching an economic plan to investors and trying to counter negative views among U.S. lawmakers that his country isn’t stopping terrorist financing. Just don’t expect to see much of him.

    While Prince Mohammed, who is also the Saudi defense minister, has been whisked to meetings across Washington since Monday, all of them have been closed to the press. He broke the Ramadan fast with Secretary of State John Kerry, met intelligence and congressional leaders including House Speaker Paul Ryan and visited Defense Secretary Ash Carter at the Pentagon, all without making any public comments.

    Nor did the White House publicize the president’s plans to meet with the prince. When asked by reporters, though, spokesman Eric Schultz confirmed Thursday that President Barack Obama will meet Prince Mohammed in the Oval Office on Friday afternoon. It’s a follow-up to the president’s April summit with Gulf Arab leaders in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, Schultz said.

    Most of the agenda will focus on “restoring stability to the regional conflicts that we’ve seen, our cooperation with the Saudis against” Islamic State and the kingdom’s new economic plan, he said.

    Details of what’s been discussed so far behind closed doors are sparse, but participants said the kingdom’s economic overhaul, regional rival Iran, the wars in Yemen and Syria and the fight against Islamic State were all on the agenda.

    Sensitive Time

    The visit comes at a sensitive time in a U.S.-Saudi relationship that Obama described as “complicated” in an interview published in March by The Atlantic magazine. The prince arrived two days after the killing of 49 people at an Orlando dance club by an American who proclaimed support for Islamic terrorist groups and had traveled twice to Saudi Arabia. And it takes place amid continuing demands that classified portions of a Sept. 11 report be made public and criticism among political leaders that the kingdom doesn’t do enough to stop extremism.

  40. Syria Condemns Presence of German, French Special Forces

    • But not American and British ?

  41. Iraq Declares Win Over Islamic State in Fallujah, Terrorists Flee

  42. The State Department’s Collective Madness – June 17, 2016

    Exclusive: More than 50 U.S. State Department “diplomats” sent a “dissent” memo urging President Obama to launch military strikes against the Syrian army, another sign that Foggy Bottom has collectively gone nuts, writes Robert Parry.

    By Robert Parry

    Over the past several decades, the U.S. State Department has deteriorated from a reasonably professional home for diplomacy and realism into a den of armchair warriors possessed of imperial delusions, a dangerous phenomenon underscored by the recent mass “dissent” in favor of blowing up more people in Syria.

    Some 51 State Department “diplomats” signed a memo distributed through the official “dissent channel,” seeking military strikes against the Syrian government of president Bashar al-Assad whose forces have been leading the push back against Islamist extremists who are seeking control of this important Mideast nation.

    The fact that such a large contingent of State Department officials would openly advocate for an expanded aggressive war in line with the neoconservative agenda, which put Syria on a hit list some two decades ago, reveals how crazy the State Department has become.

    The State Department now seems to be a combination of true-believing neocons along with their liberal-interventionist followers and some careerists who realize that the smart play is to behave toward the world as global proconsuls dictating solutions or seeking “regime change” rather than as diplomats engaging foreigners respectfully and seeking genuine compromise.

    Even some State Department officials, whom I personally know and who are not neocons/liberal-hawks per se, act as if they have fully swallowed the Kool-Aid. They talk tough and behave arrogantly toward inhabitants of countries under their supervision. Foreigners are treated as mindless objects to be coerced or bribed.

    So, it’s not entirely surprising that several dozen U.S. “diplomats” would attack President Barack Obama’s more temperate position on Syria while positioning themselves favorably in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton administration, which is expected to authorize an illegal invasion of Syria — under the guise of establishing “no-fly zones” and “safe zones” — which will mean the slaughter of young Syrian soldiers. The “diplomats” urge the use of “stand-off and air weapons.”

    These hawks are so eager for more war that they don’t mind risking a direct conflict with Russia, breezily dismissing the possibility of a clash with the nuclear power by saying they are not “advocating for a slippery slope that ends in a military confrontation with Russia.” That’s reassuring to hear.

    Risking a Jihadist Victory

    There’s also the danger that a direct U.S. military intervention could collapse the Syrian army and clear the way for victory by Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front or the Islamic State. The memo did not make clear how the delicate calibration of doing just enough damage to Syria’s military while avoiding an outright jihadist victory and averting a clash with Russia would be accomplished.

    Presumably, whatever messes are created, the U.S. military would be left to clean up, assuming that shooting down some Russian warplanes and killing Russian military personnel wouldn’t escalate into a full-scale thermonuclear conflagration.

    In short, it appears that the State Department has become a collective insane asylum where the inmates are in control. But this madness isn’t some short-term aberration that can be easily reversed. It has been a long time coming and would require a root-to-branch ripping out of today’s “diplomatic” corps to restore the State Department to its traditional role of avoiding wars rather than demanding them.

    Though there have always been crazies in the State Department – usually found in the senior political ranks – the phenomenon of an institutional insanity has only evolved over the past several decades. And I have seen the change.

    I have covered U.S. foreign policy since the late 1970s when there was appreciably more sanity in the diplomatic corps. There were people like Robert White and Patricia Derian (both now deceased) who stood up for justice and human rights, representing the best of America.

    But the descent of the U.S. State Department into little more than well-dressed, well-spoken but thuggish enforcers of U.S. hegemony began with the Reagan administration. President Ronald Reagan and his team possessed a pathological hatred of Central American social movements seeking freedom from oppressive oligarchies and their brutal security forces.

    During the 1980s, American diplomats with integrity were systematically marginalized, hounded or removed. (Human rights coordinator Derian left at the end of the Carter administration and was replaced by neocon Elliott Abrams; White was fired as U.S. ambassador to El Salvador, explaining: “I refused a demand by the secretary of state, Alexander M. Haig Jr., that I use official channels to cover up the Salvadoran military’s responsibility for the murders of four American churchwomen.”)

    The Neocons Rise

    As the old-guard professionals left, a new breed of aggressive neoconservatives was brought in, the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, Robert McFarlane, Robert Kagan and Abrams. After eight years of Reagan and four years of George H.W. Bush, the State Department was reshaped into a home for neocons, but some pockets of professionalism survived the onslaughts.

    While one might have expected the Democrats of the Clinton administration to reverse those trends, they didn’t. Instead, Bill Clinton’s “triangulation” applied to U.S. foreign policy as much as to domestic programs. He was always searching for that politically safe “middle.”

    As the 1990s wore on, the decimation of foreign policy experts in the mold of White and Derian left few on the Democratic side who had the courage or skills to challenge the deeply entrenched neocons. Many Clinton-era Democrats accommodated to the neocon dominance by reinventing themselves as “liberal interventionists,” sharing the neocons’ love for military force but justifying the killing on “humanitarian” grounds.

    This approach was a way for “liberals” to protect themselves against right-wing charges that they were “weak,” a charge that had scarred Democrats deeply during the Reagan/Bush-41 years, but this Democratic “tough-guy/gal-ism” further sidelined serious diplomats favoring traditional give-and-take with foreign leaders and their people.

    So, you had Democrats like then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (and later Secretary of State) Madeleine Albright justifying Bill Clinton’s brutal sanctions policies toward Iraq, which the U.N. blamed for killing 500,000 Iraqi children, as “a very hard choice, but the price – we think the price is worth it.”

    Bill Clinton’s eight years of “triangulation,” which included the brutal air war against Serbia, was followed by eight years of George W. Bush, which further ensconced the neocons as the U.S. foreign policy establishment.

    By then, what was left of the old Republican “realists,” the likes of Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft, was aging out or had been so thoroughly compromised that the neocons faced no significant opposition within Republican circles. And, Official Washington’s foreign-policy Democrats had become almost indistinguishable from the neocons, except for their use of “humanitarian” arguments to justify aggressive wars.

    Media Capitulation

    Before George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, much of the “liberal” media establishment – from The New York Times to The New Yorker – fell in line behind the war, asking few tough questions and presenting almost no obstacles. Favoring war had become the “safe” career play.

    But a nascent anti-war movement among rank-and-file Democrats did emerge, propelling Barack Obama, an anti-Iraq War Democrat, to the 2008 presidential nomination over Iraq War supporter Hillary Clinton. But those peaceful sentiments among the Democratic “base” did not reach very deeply into the ranks of Democratic foreign policy mavens.

    So, when Obama entered the White House, he faced a difficult challenge. The State Department needed a thorough purging of the neocons and the liberal hawks, but there were few Democratic foreign policy experts who hadn’t sold out to the neocons. An entire generation of Democratic policy-makers had been raised in the world of neocon-dominated conferences, meetings, op-eds and think tanks, where tough talk made you sound good while talk of traditional diplomacy made you sound soft.

    By contrast, more of the U.S. military and even the CIA favored less belligerent approaches to the world, in part, because they had actually fought Bush’s hopeless “global war on terror.” But Bush’s hand-picked, neocon-oriented high command – the likes of General David Petraeus – remained in place and favored expanded wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Obama then made one of the most fateful decisions of his presidency. Instead of cleaning house at State and at the Pentagon, he listened to some advisers who came up with the clever P.R. theme “Team of Rivals” – a reference to Abraham Lincoln’s first Civil War cabinet – and Obama kept in place Bush’s military leadership, including Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, and reached out to hawkish Sen. Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State.

    In other words, Obama not only didn’t take control of the foreign-policy apparatus, he strengthened the power of the neocons and liberal hawks. He then let this powerful bloc of Clinton-Gates-Petraeus steer him into a foolhardy counterinsurgency “surge” in Afghanistan that did little more than get 1,000 more U.S. soldiers killed along with many more Afghans.

    Obama also let Clinton sabotage his attempted outreach to Iran in 2010 seeking constraints on its nuclear program and he succumbed to her pressure in 2011 to invade Libya under the false pretense of establishing a “no-fly zone” to protect civilians, what became a “regime change” disaster that Obama has ranked as his biggest foreign policy mistake.

    The Up-and-Comers

    The new State Department star – expected to receive a high-level appointment from President Clinton-45 – is neocon Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, who orchestrated the 2014 putsch in Ukraine, toppling an elected, Russia-friendly president and replacing him with a hard-line Ukrainian nationalist regime that then launched violent military attacks against ethnic Russians in the east who resisted the coup leadership.

    When Russia came to the assistance of these embattled Ukrainian citizens, including agreeing to Crimea’s request to rejoin Russia, the State Department and U.S. mass media spoke as one in decrying a “Russian invasion” and supporting NATO military maneuvers on Russia’s borders to deter “Russian aggression.”

    Anyone who dares question this latest “group think” – as it plunges the world into a dangerous new Cold War – is dismissed as a “Kremlin apologist” or “Moscow stooge” just as skeptics about the Iraq War were derided as “Saddam apologists.” Virtually everyone important in Official Washington marches in lock step toward war and more war. (Victoria Nuland is married to Robert Kagan, making them one of Washington’s supreme power couples.)

    So, that is the context of the latest State Department rebellion against Obama’s more tempered policies on Syria. Looking forward to a likely Hillary Clinton administration, these 51 “diplomats” have signed their name to a “dissent” that advocates bombing the Syrian military to protect Syria’s “moderate” rebels who – to the degree they even exist – fight mostly under the umbrella of Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front and its close ally, Ahrar al Sham.

    The muddled thinking in this “dissent” is that by bombing the Syrian military, the U.S. government can enhance the power of the rebels and supposedly force Assad to negotiate his own removal. But there is no reason to think that this plan would work.

    In early 2014, when the rebels held a relatively strong position, U.S.-arranged peace talks amounted to a rebel-dominated conference that made Assad’s departure a pre-condition and excluded Syria’s Iranian allies from attending. Not surprisingly, Assad’s representative went home and the talks collapsed.

    Now, with Assad holding a relatively strong hand, backed by Russian air power and Iranian ground forces, the “dissenting” U.S. diplomats say peace is impossible because the rebels are in no position to compel Assad’s departure. Thus, the “dissenters” recommend that the U.S. expand its role in the war to again lift the rebels, but that would only mean more maximalist demands from the rebels.

    Serious Risks

    This proposed wider war, however, would carry some very serious risks, including the possibility that the Syrian army could collapse, opening the gates of Damascus to Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front (and its allies) or the Islamic State – a scenario that, as The New York Times noted, the “memo doesn’t address.”

    Currently, the Islamic State and – to a lesser degree – the Nusra Front are in retreat, chased by the Syrian army with Russian air support and by some Kurdish forces with U.S. backing. But those gains could easily be reversed. There is also the risk of sparking a wider war with Iran and/or Russia.

    But such cavalier waving aside of grave dangers is nothing new for the neocons and liberal hawks. They have consistently dreamt up schemes that may sound good at a think-tank conference or read well in an op-ed article, but fail in the face of ground truth where usually U.S. soldiers are expected to fix the mess.

    We have seen this wishful thinking go awry in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine and even Syria, where Obama’s acquiescence to provide arms and training for the so-called “unicorns” – the hard-to-detect “moderate” rebels – saw those combatants and their weapons absorbed into Al Qaeda’s or Islamic State’s ranks.

    Yet, the neocons and liberal hawks who control the State Department – and are eagerly looking forward to a Hillary Clinton presidency – will never stop coming up with these crazy notions until a concerted effort is made to assess accountability for all the failures that that they have inflicted on U.S. foreign policy.

    As long as there is no accountability – as long as the U.S. president won’t rein in these warmongers – the madness will continue and only grow more dangerous.

    Read More Here:

  43. True Reason for Kerry’s Warning to Russia, Assad Over Syria Truce

    As President Obama nears the end of his second term, his administration’s patience over the Syrian state of affairs is running out: indeed, a five-year war has not resulted in ousting Syria’s legitimate government of president Bashar al-Assad

    On Wednesday US Secretary of State John Kerry “warned” Damascus and Moscow that Washington’s “patience was not infinite,” while commenting on ceasefire violations in Syria.

    “Russia needs to understand that our patience is not infinite, in fact it is very limited with whether or not Assad is going to be held accountable,” Kerry told reporters after meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Oslo, Norway.

    James Jatras, a former US Senate foreign policy analyst, dubbed Kerry’s remark as a “very mixed message.”

    “It is unclear what Secretary Kerry means about either holding Russia or the opposition groups accountable for violating the ceasefire. We know who these terrorist groups are, groups like Ahrar al-Sham, that are allied with al-Nusra [Front] which is [an affiliate] of al-Qaeda. And in effect, the Obama administration has been protecting these people from the Syrian government, army and the Russian Air Force because they are allied with al-Qaeda and they need to be treated as what they are — as terrorist groups,” Jatras underscored.

    Indeed, in early June Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov told Moscow’s ‘360 gradusov Podmoskovye’ broadcaster that Washington asked the Kremlin not to target al-Nusra Front, because there were also “moderate Syrian opposition” groups in these territories.

    Surprisingly, the aforementioned “opposition groups” have not yet separated from the al-Qaeda affiliate, remaining deaf to the White House’s orders. Lavrov stressed that Russia and the US “have long agreed” on that.

    “It is Russia’s unwillingness to conceive that, that has Mr. Kerry evidently threatening to run out of patience and to double down on support of these terrorist groups. And we know that our [the US’] so-called allies, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, have been suggesting this very thing, the so-called Plan B to step up their terrorist campaign in Syria, and to arrange for some sort of partition of the country,” Jatras emphasized.

    Following the inking of the Syrian ceasefire agreement by Washington and Moscow, Kerry announced that the Obama administration had a so-called “Plan B” that envisioned the partitioning of Syria as the way to settle the conflict.

    Apparently, the current president’s administration is itching to implement the plan before Barack Obama leaves the Oval Office.

    This version could be possibly proven by the fact that in early May Kerry gave a de-facto ultimatum to the Syrian government and its allies, saying that they face an August deadline for starting a “political transition,” that obviously meant Assad’s stepping down.

    “The target date for the transition is August 1. So we’re now coming up to May. So either something happens in these next few months, or they are asking for a very different track,” Kerry told journalists at the State Department, as quoted by the Associated Press.

    “And it’s unlikely that the Obama administration, so long opposed to an active American combat role in Syria, would significantly boost its presence beyond the 300 special forces it has authorized thus far in the heart of a US presidential election season. It may be more feasible for US allies like Saudi Arabia to give the rebels new weapons to fight Assad, such as portable surface-to-air missiles,” Bradley Klapper of the Associated Press suggested.

    It is no secret that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are sponsoring Islamist groups like Ahrar ash-Sham and Jaish al-Islam and are interested in Syria’s partition.

    Remarkably, following Kerry’s Wednesday “warning,” State Department spokesperson John Kirby rushed to clarify that this “wasn’t a hollow threat. It wasn’t even a threat.”

    “[Washington] has walked back and, let’s say, adjusted its approach, saying that [Kerry’s remarks] were not a threat; everything was balanced out. It is a hard time for them at the moment. Emotions run high ahead of elections,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Sputnik on the sidelines of the 2016 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

  44. Does Putin know that the EU had just extended the sanctions for another year ?? Poor Vlad.

    ” Putin: Russia ready to lift sanctions first, if certain that EU will follow suit ”

    • The sanctions are good for Russia.

  45. US State Department Officials Say Now Is The Time To Attack Assad

    Report date: 6 / 17 / 2016

    Omar spotted in a documentary film on BP oil spill.

    US Government now coming after everyone’s weapons by putting them on a list.

    The house votes not to reign in spying on the American people.

    North Korea predicts war in August with the US.

    Libya is suing the US and Wall Street.

    Syrian forces close to the Turkish border.

    US State Department says now is the time to attack Assad.

    Pentagon is developing a new set of tools to fight lone wolves, translation, they are working on controlling the flow of information on the internet.

  46. Obama Gets Congress to Back Selling Cluster Bombs to Saudi ‘Child Killers’

    Despite concerns of human rights violations conducted by Riyahd in Yemen, the United States has decided to give the Kingdom weapons that disproportionately threaten children

    On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted against banning the transfer of cluster bomb munitions to Saudi Arabia. This came only one week after a scandal surfaced about Riyadh’s targeting of children in the US-backed mission in Yemen, which the regime attempted to cover up by extorting UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

    On June 2, the United Nations added Saudi Arabia to the “child killers blacklist” in their annual Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) report, but only four days later the UN Secretary General announced that the regime was to be removed from the list pending further investigation of the report’s claims by Saudi and United Nations officials.

    At the time, Ban Ki-moon attempted to minimize the controversy, implying the redaction was temporary. But Saudi Arabia’s envoy to the United Nations declared that Riyadh’s removal from the infamous list is permanent.

    Last Thursday, the UN chief went public about the circumstances surrounding his decision to remove Saudi Arabia from the list.

    “The report describes horrors no child should have to face, but at the same time, I also had to consider the very real prospect that millions of other children would suffer grievously if, as was suggested to me, countries would defund UN programs. Children already at risk in Palestine, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and so many other places would fall further into despair,” Ban said.

    Reports indicate that Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir informed the United Nations that if the truth about Riyadh’s war crimes against children in Yemen was not redacted, the country would move to eliminate as much as $500 million in annual funding for UN programs. He also threatened to coordinate with Arab allies.

    This is not the first time that the Saudi Foreign Minister has resorted to extortion to prevent embarrassing truths to come to light. In April, Adel al-Jubeir informed Washington that Riyadh would move to dump $750 billion in US Treasury bonds if legislation was passed that allowed the family members of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia.

    United Nation’s researchers had previously determined that the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen should be included under the “parties that kill or maim children” and “parties that engage in attacks on schools and/or hospitals” after uncovering evidence that 60% of the 785 child deaths and 1,168 child injuries in the conflict were attributed to Riyadh’s bombing attacks. Many of these attacks involved weapons provided by the United States.

    Despite these concerns, the United States has nonetheless agreed to continue the sale of weapons that international experts say pose a disproportionate threat to young people, who can easily mistake unexploded cluster ordinances for toys.

    The decision by the US Congress came in no small part through aggressive lobbying by the Obama administration’s Department of Defense.

    “The Department of Defense strongly opposes this amendment,” said Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ). “They advised us that it would stigmatize cluster munitions, which are legitimate weapons with clear military utility.”

  47. New Terrorist Weapon? Lockheed to Sell Hit-to-Kill Missiles in Middle East

    The defense contractor expects rubberstamp approval from the Pentagon and State Department to sell the weapon internationally despite concerns that the weapons system could fall into the hands of extremists

    Lockheed Martin announced plans to provide its Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) missile to the international market following delays in US Army acquisition plans. The advanced weapons system incinerates incoming rocket, artillery, and mortar (RAM) threats by releasing a barrage of munitions in quick succession.

    Bob Delgado, the company’s international business director for air and missile defense, said in an interview with Defense News on Thursday that the MHTK missile can degrade threats from RAM and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

    The RAM threat “has proliferated, it’s a very cost-effective threat,” said Delgado. “Obviously the cost of mortars and rockets are extremely low, not something you’d want to engage with these large missiles.”

    Rocket and mortar attacks were the second-largest cause of death for US soldiers in Iraq, prompting the defense contractor to develop the MHTK weapon to shield personnel at a fraction of the cost. The US Army, however, backed away from the acquisition late in the process, citing the reduction in US troop deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The MHTK weapon features a miniaturized missile that is 27 inches long, two inches in diameter and weighs 5 pounds at launch. The missile contains no active warhead, but instead uses kinetic energy to take out a target. One launcher can fit 36 miniaturized missiles and two launchers are able to fit in the back of a flatbed truck, providing portability to the rocket and mortar shield.

    Delgado said that Lockheed has received interest in the weapon throughout the Middle East, potentially increasing the danger that this system could fall in the hands of extremists.

    Given the potential risk to American interests in the Middle East, Lockheed must now seek approval from the US government for permission to sell the MHTK missile abroad.

    Delgado said he expects the international sale to be approved by the US State Department and Pentagon officials.

  48. image:


    Comment Awaiting Moderation or Was Removed/Flagged as Spam.
  49. Economy Continues To Deteriorate – Real Estate Bubble Pops

    Report date: 6 – 17 – 2016

    Bank of Greece admits austerity is not good for the population and does not work.

    Single family home permits decline.

    The housing bubble just popped, San Francisco prices decline dramatically.

    Baltic Dry Index declines again 11 points.

    The Fed is actually taxing us without representation, we never elected the Fed.

    The stock markets around the world are now crashing.

    BREXIT campaigns are now suspended for a second day and the referendum might be postponed.

    IMF warns of political risk to the EU.

    Food riots break out in Venezuela.


  50. GOPRO – TSA Search Gone Bad in Florida International Airport …

  51. So the western propaganda goes into turbo charge the MSM just keeps getting those script writers to keep on creating their own reality. Great read on Zerohedge and Moonofalabama. They touch on some pretty salient points. Now after 6 years the west has finally acknowledged that it was in on the takfirizing of the so called humanitarian uprising of the Syrian population. Further more expert on Middle Eastern affairs Frenchman Terrie Myssein at the Voltaire net broke the news on the whole western frontal attack on Syria by Lorian Fabius Foriegn Minister of France of the time (2012) We also have the famous DIA report of 2012. and The schill at Downing Street foreign minister of the coalitian Tory government. General Wesley Clarke more often than not and consistently tells us the 7 countries theory starting from Iraq and ending with Iran. Syria, Libya and Sudan r mentioned. The coup in 2011 Egypt. The Humanitarian intervention of Libya which under Qhadaffi (had the highest standard of living in Africa, Paid for the biggest engineering feat in all of africa (bringing water to the dessert ), free education,health no monsanto no westerrn usuary banking system interest free , about to initiate a gold backed currency and Mubarek was in on it “”dingle ling “. Qhadaffi was organising a Pan African banking system and was well on his way in establishing it had the majority of african countries on board including South Africa. Further more had a social organisation contrary to the Washington consensus.Then we have the parse gas and oil fields. Qatari and the Iranian have territorial rights to these wonderful luscious goodies(PETRO-DOLLAR). Remember folks Assad said no to the western 7sisters offer to have Qatari gas go through his country and said yes to the Iranian deal co sponsored by the Russians which makes the western narrative of the Russians feel threatened and r gas and oil monopolist. The Russians comes to mind here folks Go back to 2008 the schill Shakeasville bombs civilian population who by chance happen to be ethnic Russians who for no fault of their own have been living there and integrated there hence r bilingual.So ladies and germs the western oligarchs have their hands in on this since day one. Remember folks history go way back 1913 a private cartel of western bankers took over the federal reserve of the USA yes folks Fort Knocks. Libya, Iran and Syria have no western foreign bank attachment as well as China and Russia That is their federal reserves r strictly controlled by the state not by multi-national banking(Washington consensus). Russia, Syria,Libya and Iran have no Monsanto. Nixon ah how can we not forget tricky Dik. The gold standard is made redundant with regards to backing the famous green back and the Petro -Dollar is born. So the jig is up fiat currency use by date has come so three options r left. One: Restructure debt
    Two: Write off the debt. Three(3): OFF TO WAR WE GO. Go back to 1913 and to the present my fellow humans (Thats why on my point three it is in numerical form WORLD WAR 3 Sykes Picot and the Balfour accord ladies and gents happened in 1916. Pure un adaulterated evil fellow humans. How many more of this is humanity going to take. Industrial military complex along with all the multinational organisations( the seven sisters) the multinational western banking cartels.. Examine the evidence and ask ourselves Cui =-Bono ? since 9/11 a whole hornets nest had been fabricated and unleashed and our new bogy man is born the perpetual war on terror just like the war on drugs. Since 2002 the Opium production in Afghanistan increased . Prior to 9/11 it had reached a ten year low. Iran -Contra. Laundered CIA cocaine and heroin from the creation of the Taliban to fight those evil Russians, and to help those central american freedom fighters against those evil child eating marxist. Humans wake up no body will survive a nuclear winter. What the poor people of Syria r experiencing lies strictly on the western oligarchs and their payed minions disguising themselves as the bearers of truth justice and the american way( Washington consensus) the third reich of the 21st century. Mussolini wrote the manual unfortunately we r living it.


  52. Could this be more pitiful? Official surrender.

    Putin: Russia respects U.S. as world’s “only superpower”

    • There’s a certain madness to Putin’s political and military strategy. I hope it pays off.

      Keep faith and trust in the SAA!
      God Protects the Syrian Army!

    • 1,

      Talk about more pitiful, I get paid a penny a post for posting mediocre crap on Syrian Perspective at my local Tel Aviv boiler room.

      By the way, what Kibbutzim in Israel do you come from? Did you fuck your mother or sister or both tonight?

      Shabbat Shalom!



    • Don’t twist the meaning of statement.
      He continues – “… But we don’t need them constantly interfering in our affairs, telling us how to live ”
      Putin make a great effort to appeal to Gentile Americans who can avert a coming war, and he’s buying his time ( needed for an armament industry currently working 3 shifts ) to be better resilient.
      Once the plug is pulled, the tone will change ( hopefully with a nuclear tipped cruise missiles ).
      Can’t wait when the fa*gots bags count start.


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