How the Danish Government unintentionally funds ISIS

28/1, 2016

The picture above – which is 100% genuine – shows the current Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, with the Afghan Mujahideen back in 1988. Today, most governments regard these Mujahideen fighters (many of whom later joined al-Qaeda and the Taliban) as terrorists; however, at the time the US and most European countries supported Afghan Islamist insurgents in their struggle against Soviet invasion – hence, how the picture was taken.

Danish ISIS fighter linked to tax fraud:

A Danish ISIS fighter named Abdessamad Fateh (‘Abu Hamza’) has been revealed as the registered CEO of a Danish company by the name of ‘Q Transport ApS’. Although Abu Hamza died in 2014 during clashes on the frontline of Syria, he did release a statement claiming the company’s bankruptcy was unrelated to him and that his “identity had been stolen and that his name had been misused”.

However, documents published by the Danish Bankruptcy Court revealed that Abdessamad Fateh’s bank account had been used to access the company’s finances during a time in which the company failed to pay 400.000 Euros in taxes to the Danish state. This period corresponds with Abdessamad Fateh travel to Syria; the money has since disappeared – likely given to ISIS.

Some time during 2014, Abu Hamza was placed on the official US list of designated terrorists due to joining ISIS fighters in Syria under their banner of Jihad. Richard Ainsworth, a spokesman of the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said to Danish television tonight: “I believe we have a very strong case. We have a registered terrorist who is involved with a company involved with tax fraud”

Spanish terror suspects involved with tax fraud in businesses based in Copenhagen:

While the Danish government does not fund ISIS in anyway directly, a documentary released by the largest Danish television channel, DR, reveals that three Spanish ISIS fighters have also been involved in extensive tax fraud especially in the food industry. By utilizing loopholes in the Danish tax-system, these terror suspects have been able to cash in close to a million Euros through tax deductible items – this money is since believed to have been donated to ISIS.

The documentary exposes how the Spanish males acted as front men (i.e puppet figures) as to run fraudulent Danish businesses in Copenhagen that sold chocolate, cheese, soda water and chicken. The Danish equivalent of FBI, Politiets Efterretningstjeneste, confirmed the finding: “The Danish Police is familiar with the case – therefore we have launched investigations regarding tax fraud and potential funding of terrorism.”

Two of these three terror suspects have been arrested by the Spanish police on charges of purchasing weapons and explosives while recruiting at least 26 European Islamist fighters that have since traveled to the Middle East to join terrorist groups. Despite serious charges, both detainees have since been released on bail although they are still charged on terrorist-related offences. Meanwhile, the third suspect has evaded both Spanish and Danish authorities.

Thus, Danish tax money has been – rather unwillingly – used to fund ISIS terrorism.


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