Former UK Ambassador to Syria: Assad is not going to be overthrown

In a recent segment on BBC, Peter Ford, the UK Ambassador to Syria from 2003-2006, was asked if Assad is part of the solution in Syria to solve the so-called quagmire.

He said:

“I think sadly, but inevitably, he is. Realistically, Assad is not going to be overthrown. This becomes more clear with every day that passes. Western analysts have been indulging in wishful thinking for 5 years; it’s time to get real, we owe it to the Syrian people to be much more realistic and hard headed about this.

The West has to stop propping up the so-called ‘moderate opposition’, which is not moderate at all by the way, and it has to allow the Syrian Army backed possibly by the Russians to deal with IS.” The frustrated interviewer asked Mr. Ford about “what we should have done,” and he responded that “we should have backed off, we should have not tried to overthrow the regime.”

Mr. Ford eloquently added that this policy has been “like a dog returning to vomit.”

In regards to the recent Munich agreement, Ford said “the ink wasn’t dry on the paper before our Foreign Secretary started to badmouth it and give the opposition an opening to reject it which is what has happened. This will be a dreadfully missed opportunity.”

This negotiation may likely fall in a long line of failed negotiations, notably the one mentioned by the Huffington Post a few days ago. In 2012, the Annan peace settlement, which only lead to escalated violence.  You can watch the video.




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